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My Community’s Sponsored Park Cleanup Event

Tons of trash picked up – A visual reminder of the community's collective efforts for a cleaner Modesto

How I Planned My Community’s Cannabis-Sponsored Park Cleanup Event Introduction Two years ago, I took the lead organizing a volunteer park cleanup day sponsored by the cannabis dispensary I worked for at the time, People’s Remedy in Modesto, CA. Transforming our rundown local park took months of planning, partnership building, and rallying our community. As […]

The Augmented Marketer’s Playbook

Augmented Marketer with Futuristic Technology

The Augmented Marketer’s Playbook: How to craft irresistible AI-powered content in niche markets How to craft irresistible AI-powered content in niche markets: We stand today on the precipice of a new era, where artificial intelligence rapidly evolves the scope of what’s possible in marketing. For years, digital marketing meant grueling hours crafting content, managing social […]