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My skillsets cover SEO, CRM management, graphic design, video editing, and social media marketing, which positions me to be helpful on multiple verticals.

I can help drive qualified traffic through SEO and blogging, nurture leads in the CRM, create email sequences, documents, and multimedia content, and execute audience-aligned campaigns across channels – all to deliver tangible marketing results for BobCat.

After working in the cannabis industry, I was inspired by digital marketing’s super-power to rapidly help businesses get on Google and in front of customers. The mindset of continuously learning and innovating really drew me into the creative aspects of messaging and website user design.

I also enjoy the analytical side of keyword research, measuring and reporting results, and optimizing for conversions.

I’ve seen how digital marketing gives everyone a chance to be successful online. From creating my own web presence to helping my mom’s massage business build a website – I like the thrill of experimenting with new software and tactics to gain more traction online.

I enjoy trying different AI tools for creating engaging messages, ideation for call to actions, social media planning, and organizing strategy or data. I also enjoy visibly seeing increased website traffic and higher rankings in tools like SEMrush and Google Search Console.

More than anything though, I find fulfillment in learning and new collaborations.

Brand Overview

J Williams Designs is a digital marketing entity specializing in serving small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The brand is built around a growth mindset - leveraging creative digital solutions to increase online visibility and traffic.

Market Research & Buyer Persona Analysis:

Ideal Customer Profile:
Sarah Thompson is a 35-year-old married, clothing boutique owner with two children, a boy and a girl. She resides in Modesto, CA, and has an annual income of $75,000.

Sarah is an ambitious, innovative, and resourceful individual. Her hobbies include DIY projects, gardening, and attending local events. She is interested in entrepreneurship, interior design, and social media trends. Sarah aspires to expand her boutique and become a community influencer. Her professional goals are to increase online visibility and boost revenue.

Her challenges include a limited marketing budget, time constraints, staying competitive, and reaching her target audience. Sarah needs cost-effective marketing solutions and time-saving tools. Her dreams are to open two more locations in the region.

Buying Behaviors:
Sarah has a moderate budget for marketing, her preferred channels are SEO, social media, and guest blogging on boutique websites. She researches agencies extensively, and compares prices and reviews.

Ideal Customer Profile:

-Small business owners / entrepreneurs / influencers

-Targeting - cannabis or real estate industry

-5-50 employees

-$5k+/month marketing budget

-Goals: Brand awareness, lead gen, modern and responsive web presence

-Values: Tech-savvy, quality content, wants to stay current

Smiling female, a symbol of digital marketing strategy success – Triumph in Modesto's online narratives.
Modesto Digital Marketing Solutions at the forefront – A gateway to success.

Industry Research & Product Research:

My competitive analysis showed many cannabis businesses struggled with outdated websites that didn't reflect their brand or convert visitors effectively. There was also a lack of consistent product information, engaging social media content, and SEO friendly eCommerce menus. Popular campaign themes include product information, customer testimonials, lifestyle/culture posts, and industry news.

In real estate, the biggest challenge was generating a steady flow of high-quality leads through digital channels. Successful agents leveraged activities like search engine optimized websites, hyper-local content marketing, video property tours, and email nurturing sequences. Key content formats are neighborhood guides, market updates, home buying/selling advice, and listing promotions across websites, social, video, and email.

Visual Identity:

Vibrant, modern aesthetic reflecting innovation and growth mindset. Bold sans-serif typography on minimalist backgrounds.

Shades of blue to garner trust. Bright brand colors reinforced across visual assets.

Clean website design focused on conversions with engaging graphics of Office / Home-Office settings. High-quality, consistent social media visuals optimized for each platform.

Keyword Reasoning:

Through this localized, content-driven approach, I was able to rank in the Top 3 search results for the ‘Modesto Lead Generation’ keyword in about 7 months.

The targeted keywords reflect the core services (social media, web design, video, email marketing) - while geotargeting the city of Modesto. One of my goals was to rank one of my services within the ‘top 10’ on a SERP in my area.

So the site architecture features dedicated service pages showcasing industry-specific language with geo-anchors. Product sections outlining our strengths to drive conversions. The blog provides educational content covering popular search queries.

Brand Messaging:



To be the trusted partner for cannabis and real estate entrepreneurs, empowering them with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to rapidly scale their businesses.



To provide trailblazers with a resilient platform for their eCommerce journeys.


Key Values:

Trust - Submitting realistic expectations and delivering on our commitments.

Transparency - Openly sharing our expertise, processes and metrics.

Results - Relentlessly optimizing to drive measurable business impacts.


Brand Voice & Tone:

Our voice is friendly yet confident, speaking directly to the pain points and goals of busy entrepreneurs. We explain our value propositions clearly, focusing on ROI and tangible growth outcomes.

We’ll share success stories through case studies to build credibility. Our advice is tailored and actionable, (researching Quora, Reddit, AnswerthePublic, and VidIQ for thoughtful questions to understand each client's unique situation).

Iconic Modesto view, capturing the essence of the city's potential for digital marketing strategies.



  • J Williams

    I started as a certified IT technician, I worked my way up to becoming a IT Manager while helping my company's cannabis marketing initiatives (cannabis industry workers wear lots of hats) which helped land the dispensary I worked for - as the 1st cannabis retail chain in California to accept Cryptocurrency. I designed Cannabis menu's, project managed aerial videography shoots, acquired massive email lists, and collaborated in outdoor cannabis events. Now I create beautifully designed Dispensary Websites with SEO.